About this Initiative

Have you ever asked yourself what you can be with your PhD, and found that you did not have much of a clue?

Or has your own career taken you down a completely unexpected path after completing a degree in a (neuro)science-related field?

And do you – like myself – believe it’s a shame that all the experiences thousands of (neuro)scientists have gathered in a variety of professional fields, in- and outside of the classical academic career pathways, are locked up in the personal world? And not available to the academic offspring in the typical university setting, leaving the next generation of scientists at a loss when preparing for important career decisions?

Then this project is for you.

What this platform offers

  • It collects the joint experience from accomplished (neuro)scientists working in all sorts of professions and makes it available to the general academic community.
  • Each post provides an structured description of a given kind of position (a “job profile”), written by a person actually working or having worked in this field. In this way, first hand knowledge about a wealth of career options is made available that you probably did not even know existed.
  • Profiles are categorized into several types of employment and can be full-text searched, creating a true “Career Repository”.


To build a comprehensive data base, of course, your input is crucial. Your contribution to this project will be of invaluable help to builld an unprecedented career resource – a real Career Treasure Cast for all of us.

If you are an advanced professional with academic (neuro)science training,

and still vividly remember your doubts and questions on career issues, please take the opportunity and start giving back to the academic community that raised you. Share your experiences by contributing your own career profile. Besides making a real difference for many young scientists, this will also offer you a possibility to showcase your own “dream job” and, who knows, attract new “followers”?


if you find this resurce helpful and would like to support it, please disseminate it through your own networks and encourage others to contribute!

Thank you so much for making this project a joint success story!

Simone Cardoso

(Project Initiator and Site Manager)